Morpher is a unique multi-commodity investment and trading app that is soon to be launched. They make really big claims about what they can offer and, if they are able to deliver, it will be a revolutionary change in the trading and investment arena.

It allows you to buy and sell a cryptocurrency, stocks from markets all over the world and commodities.

What’s more, you can conduct these buying and selling transactions ANY time you want – that is, even after the market hours!

Lastly, they offer extended liquidity. What this means is that you will be able to sell stocks in fractions!

For example, if you want to buy $TSLA (Tesla stock, NYSE) from India you would have to at least pay the price of the stock (Around $720) which is quite a bit of money. However, when using Morpher, you can buy half, a quarter or even 1/10th of a share and pay for only that much. This is a huge advantage for small retail investors.

If all this wasn’t enough, currently, Morpher is running a scheme where you will be rewarded with $60 just for signing up and completing KYC!

Even if you are not sure you want to trade in all these areas, I would strongly recommend that you give it a shot. You will at least be getting $60 worth of tokens, which, if you so wish, can be redeemed for cash later on.

Signup and take advantage of this free money being offered.




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