Olportal Is A Decentralized Messenger On Neural Networks With The Function Of Artificial Intelligence Dialogues. The Possibility To Create Messages Automatically On Your Behalf And Hold Conversations In Different Formats And Styles Is The Hallmark Of The Integrated AI. For This Purpose, We Develop An Ecosystem For Creation And Utilization Of OLAI Neurobots With Different Personalities. Develop A Groundbreaking Technology Allowing Creating Artificial Intelligence Products Right In Your Olportal Messenger’s Account. We Build A Unique Ecosystem For OLAI Neurobots To Let You Use Them In Your Chats. You Will Be Able To Create, Train, And Promote Your Personal OLAIs. Besides, We Are The First Project In The World To Give Access To The Artificial Intelligence To Each User.




Olportal Is The World’s First Decentralized Messenger On Hybrid Neural Networks With The Function Of Artificial Intelligence Communication, Which Will Be Distributed In The OLNet Decentralized Network. The Possibility To Write Messages Instead Of You And On Your Behalf And Hold Conversations In Different Formats Are Unique Peculiarities Of The Integrated Artificial Intelligence. That Means That You Won’t Communicate With A Bot, But It Will Chat Instead Of You, Completing Different Tasks, Starting From Assistance In Everyday Communication And Ending With Targeted Conversations For The Implementation Of Commercial Purposes.

We Have Already Created An MVP With The Beta-Version Of The Inner Messenger, Which Will Be The Key Environment For Neurobots’ Creation, Their Functioning And Evolution. We Called OLPORTAL’s Neurobots OLAIs. Due To The Unique Binding Method Of Accounts, Users Will Be Able To Use Their Conversations’ Data That Was Stored In Their Social Media And Messengers As Their Own DataSet For The OLAI Neurobots’ Generation.

After The Decentralization, Each User Becomes The Sole Proprietor Of Their Information And Can Be Sure That It Is Safe. It Provides Complete Anonymity. The Existence Of A Centralized Agent Lowers The Commercial Attractiveness Of The System. The Authority Of The Platform Owner And Censorship Continue To Exist In The Centralized System, And There Are Also Blocking Opportunities.

It Is Possible To Distribute Advertising Content By Placing A Bot In OLMarket. An Advertiser Can Train Their Own Bot Or Choose One Out Of Our Patterns Prepared With Different Parameters. When Exporting A Bot In OLMarket, The Smart-Contract Is Created In Which An Advertiser Sets The Budget For The Advertisement Campaign. The OLTarget Service Analyses Targeted Parameters And Creates A Negative Price For The Neurobot, Taking As A Basis The Advertisers’ Requests, Matching Them To Users And The Budget Of The PR Campaign. When Placed In OLMarket Advertising, The Bot Can Be Additionally Promoted To The Catalog’s Top Positions.


The Olportal Ecosystem Will Include The OLWallet Module For Storing And Using Tokens And Cryptocurrencies Of The Project. We Have Chosen The Hedera Hashgraph Distributed Ledger Technology As The Platform. This Technology Meets All Our Requirements Related To The Spheres Of Security, Stability And Transaction Speed. The Speed Of 250.000 Transactions Per Second Has Already Been Reached During Tests. We Plan To Apply Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) That Can Substitute A Standard Blockchain What Gives Some Significant Advantages In Speed And Security Of The Entire System.

The Decentralization Of The System Will Be Based On The Platform Consisting Of The Fixed Number Of SuperNodes That Are Located In Different Corners Of The World. Confirmation And Recording Of Transactions In The Distributed Ledger Come With The Application Of The Byzantine Fault Tolerance Consensus Algorithm. It Is Required To Draw The Confirmation From Two-Thirds Of Participants To Make A Record In The Ledger.

When Binding Your Social Media Accounts, Logins And Passwords Are Entered In The Web Windows Of Such Services As Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etc. The Safety Of This Data And Its Storage Are Provided By The Servers Of These Social Networks. We Don’t Keep Your Logins And Passwords And Don’t Have Access To Them. Olportal Obtains A Key Connecting Your Device With Social Media. The Key Is Encrypted And Kept On Your Device.




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