Created by by Richard Ells in November 2017, Electroneum  is a cryptocurrency which has as its primary objective to be a solution for payments based on mobile devices are run by ETN .

As you can read on the home, the ETNs represent a store of value can be used to purchase everyday items, from bread and milk to the phone cards.

When used with mobile application Electroneum , users can transfer ETN to anyone in an instant, whether in person or remotely.

That is substantially above the motto of the project Electroneum , which therefore aims to allow even those who live in less developed countries, to be able to make payments throughout the world, without having precendentemente as written, a bank account


JOIN TO ELECTRONEUM - use the promo code: 56BAE7 for bonus


The History of Electroneum

The Electroneum ICO took place in 2017 and has had some success, managing to raise about $ 40 billion in less than two months.

As a result of a hacker attack that has slowed the development of the project, the source code has been completely revised, and coming out on the market as a criptovalute Monero fork.

ETN also was the first to adopt cryptocurrency the KYC and AML occurs.


The ETN cryptocurrency features

At the time of writing Electroneum has the following characteristics:

  • Maximum Available: 21 billion of ETN units
  • Price : 0.003860 cents Market Cap : 37,767,569 dollars
  • Rank : 98 The highest price ever: USD 0.236234 ( 02/11/2017)
  • Price as Low as always: USD 0.003642 (04/06/2019)

How to Earn Free ETNs each month

Through the mobile application Electroneum you can earn monthly free ETN .

The application is infinitely simple and intuitive app consists of a mining cloud, so basically you will participate to undermine ETN but will not use any resources of your phone.

The registration process is to enter and confirm an E-Mail address and then take a selfie to show that you are not a bot, to do this you will immediately receive 25 ETN .

From now on, you can immediately start the Cloud Mining and start earning ETN free .

Following Simply enter once a day in the app to extend the mining activities in terms of time, this process is necessary to keep active mining cloud.

Payment is to achieve 100 ETN , from personal experience I tested the ‘app and seems to be able to mine about 5 ETN day.


JOIN TO ELECTRONEUM - use the promo code: 56BAE7 for bonus

How to get extra ETN?

In order to obtain additional ETN there are two ways:

  • the first is to submit a report key, going in the section of the app More> Generate other ETN> Insert Code. This will allow you to get a 1% increase over the whole mining you log in.
  • The second method is to make known the App and clearly give your report key, getting a 5% bonus on what will be undermined.

If you want to use a report key and gain of ‘1% bonus, you can use the following 56BAE7


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  1. Electroneum CEO says:

    As you may have seen, we’ve recently announced some exciting news for Electroneum, as we’ve brought on a real crypto and blockchain heavy weight to our Board of Advisors. Cointelligence CEO, often known as the industry’s fiercest scam hunter, On Yavin, has agreed to join us as an advisor and ambassador. I got the chance to sit down with On to talk about his thoughts on Electroneum, his experience and what he thinks he can bring to the project. You can find out more in our interview.

    You may recall that earlier this year we opened our doors to On and his team and asked them to audit our project and specifically our numbers, and to report, without bias, his findings to the industry. We all know that the crypto industry can loaded with lies and as a result, we’ve faced a lot of disbelief and cynicism about our incredible figures. That’s why we reached out to On and asked him to verify our numbers.

    We have always been open and very proud about having some huge numbers in terms of our community and real-world usage. Our latest stats this week confirmed we have almost 4m registered users, and 2.6m app downloads. We’ve seen over 170k mobile top-ups and we’re close to 300k app-to-app instant payments. We’ve recently committed to reporting these numbers to our community on social media each week. Check out our latest stats here.

    We asked On Yavin to carry out an in-depth report on Electroneum, knowing that he is the biggest whistle-blower in the industry, with over 100 scams identified. But we were not intimidated by having him investigate our numbers, as we knew we had nothing to hide. He is a qualified lawyer, who became involved in crypto and blockchain over the last 3 years. And while he admits it took only a short call to convince him how big the revolution is, not only because it’s already being used in real life industries, he is a huge enthusiast – in his own words, a fanatic. What better ambassador to bring on board?

    He and his team were invited to review all things Electroneum, from our internal figures, to Google figures and more. He came to the office to meet the team and was really impressed. Electroneum has seen mass adoption like virtually no other coin, helping people around the world to add value through ETN. He also called out how impressed he is with our community. Not only our unrivalled size and that he can verify its authenticity, but also how engaged and passionate the community is. He saw that again with how involved the Electroneum community was at the ANON Summit – he noted that we had the most active community by far at the event.

    On Yavin and the contacts he has in the industry, promises to open doors to new activities and partnerships we couldn’t access before. We believe this places us in a stronger position than any other coin outside of the top 5. We’re proud that the industry’s biggest scam hunter, having looked at and verified the figures we’ve published, believes in the future our project, and is now involved in its future success.

    We’d like to welcome On to the team and we’re excited to update you in the future as we develop our relationship and how our project continues to grow.

    For those of you who attended the ANON Summit last month, you’ll also have seen we’ve shared a gift card to spend on AnyTask.com with all attendees. I wanted to point out to the community that this is being funded from the advertising budget of the business, and not the rewards pool. Imagine that 100% of the advertising budget was also SPENT inside the platform! That’s what gift cards enable us to do. Sorry Zuckerberg! I’d rather see the ad spend producing even more usage of AnyTask, than making FaceBook richer! If the gift cards don’t get used, they cost us nothing, so it’s a very, very productive way to spend advertising budget.

    We have purchased ETN on the open market over the last couple of months at KuCoin and Huobi and you’ll see this activity grow over time. One of the exciting things about AnyTask is that as it expands and acquires market share, it requires more ETN. Sales on AnyTask involve new fiat money (US dollars) coming in to ETN, that is going straight into ETN purchases on the exchanges.

    Even if you don’t have a gift card – if you run a small (or large!) business, you should head over to AnyTask.com and buy some social media content (such as a great explainer video, or perhaps have your logo animated). You’ll LOVE the price you can buy tasks for!

    And if you have a digital skill – don’t forget to list it on AnyTask – we had our first day with over 100 sales, earlier this month and that is becoming more common now – so plenty of tasks are being taken up. Get your skills listed and earn some ETN – or learn a new skill. I’d love to see some time-lapse animations from some of our unbanked users – all you need is a free time-lapse app and a smartphone and you can animate people’s logo’s with anything. Get creative! We’ll carry on driving buyers into the system, which is powering ETN from strength to strength.

    Thanks for being part of the Electroneum community.

    Kind Regards,

    Richard Ells

    CEO and Founder of Electroneum

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