Satorify is a finished marketing platform that employs armies of internet marketers to promote companies and brands in exchange for CLM tokens. CLM is the internal utility token for Satorify. The campaigns we are running are for company clients of Loudhailer and other partners.



  • Go to Satorify airdrop page and register.
  • Verify your mailbox.
  • Complete optional tasks after login.
  • Can withdraw after 1,000 tokens.
  • Earn extra 100 CLM for each referral.
  • There are new tasks every day.
  • Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Facebook to receive new airdrops!
  • CLM is listed on coingecko.

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  1. Satorify Team says:

    Greetings, CoinClaim News

    A whole new is here! Earning CLM and claiming rewards and prizes has never been so much fun. Now, in addition to earning CLM rewards, you can play your way to awesome products and prizes.

    Earn CLM in fun new ways, and now instead of exchanging them, you can collect and power-up chances to win great prizes and products via our new gamified system.
    To win each prize, members collect 12 cards. You earn Cards by performing tasks on or by exchanging CLM for more chances in the Shop. But, not all Cards are of equal value. Each product contains 1 or 2 Cards that are more difficult to win. But you can do it if you beat other members to the high value Cards, so be sure you stay online and complete all the tasks.
    Exchange your CLM in the shop for more Chests or chances to win. Exchange your duplicate Cards for that hard-to-win high value Card that will complete your collection for the prize.

    Earn cards, unlock awards, win prizes

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